Lorenzo Porta del Lungo

Pianist and composer, president of the Sound and Image Association. "In a form of expression, the artistic dimension is present when in a text or figure the narrative element reaches a depth of meaning and relationship to the story, such that it forms an inner image that is original and not perceptible with the senses. In music, the narrative element takes place not only in psychic time but also in physical time, that is, duration. Art is an indispensable tool of our communication, but if the above conditions are not present, then it is not Art, but entertainment or good craftsmanship, which are necessary but not indispensable tools of our communication."

Ludovica Constantine

Psychiatrist and psychotherapist. He has worked in community services and is currently working in the private sector. He has published numerous articles and 3 books on anorexia. He directs the children's series "Daphnis and Chloé."

Massimo Fagioli

"Everything in us is human." Psychiatrist psychotherapist. His was the fundamental discovery of the annulment drive and the elaboration of the Birth Theory that unequivocally revolutionized psychiatry. Since the mid-1970s he has led, in Rome, the seminars of Collective Analysis, a highly original and unrepeatable group therapy.

Sala Umberto Theater

The Sala Umberto Theater is a well-established reality in the panorama of Roman theaters, both in terms of the quality of the shows and in terms of large audience attendance.

Liguori Publisher

Since its founding in 1949, through the gradual maturation of a multidisciplinary publishing project, the Publishing House has increasingly defined its role as a point of reference for advanced research in the social sciences, humanities and technical sciences.

Love and Psyche

The Love and Psyche Cultural Association was formed in 2007 with the aim of witnessing the cultural relevance of psychiatrist Massimo Fagioli's Birth Theory and broadening its dissemination to a wider audience.

Brancaccio Theater

The Brancaccio Theater is one of the capital's most important historic theaters, located on Via Merulana in the lively and historic Esquilino district, between the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, the Colosseum and the Basilica of San Giovanni in Laterano.

Ensemble Mare Nostrum

Ensemble Mare Nostrum, directed by Andrea De Carlo, an original and surprising ensemble that offers Baroque music with special reference to Roman music and especially the works of the great composer Alessandro Stradella. The Ensemble has collaborated with Sound and Image on concerts at the Sala Umberto with the programs "Amor di Roma" and "Il Canto di Roma."

Luciano Sacchetti - Elle

Elle is an Italian musician, songwriter and producer. After debuting as a singer-songwriter in 1999 for BMG and EMI, broadening his horizons over the years, he deepened his studies of Middle Eastern music at the Arrigo Pedrollo Conservatory in Vicenza. Since 2016, Elle has founded and led the humanitarian music project "Farida and Bashir," supporting Syrian refugee children. In 2018 he founded a music studio in Barcelona, together with Flavio Ferri of Delta V. He lives in Scotland.

Romina Farris

Born in Lima, Peru, she graduated as an Art Director from the European Institute of Design in 1992. Matter and color are the elements that characterize his painting. His art, passionate and primitive, is reminiscent as much of the experimentation of the historical avant-gardes of the early twentieth century as of later Abstract Expressionism.

Stradella Young Project

The Stradella Young Project (a youth ensemble that grew out of the Mare Nostrum Ensemble) has collaborated with Sound and Image to perform concerts at Sala Umberto with the program "Los Imposibles."

Daphnis and Chloe

The idea of creating an editorial series connoted by the proximity to adolescent issues, stems from the personal elaboration of an important experience carried out by Dr. Ludovica Costantino, psychiatrist and psychotherapist, in the years 2009/2010 as part of the realization of a large project on youth distress.

Francis Troccoli

Francesco Troccoli is a writer, translator and speaker. His latest novel, "Sea on Fire," tells a topical story that embraces Italy and Africa in a delicate but surprising way.

Alauda Quartet

The Alauda Quartet is a young London string quartet formed at the Royal Academy of Music in London in 2011. An internationally diverse ensemble, the quartet shares a unique passion for chamber music and a strong desire to explore the string quartet repertoire.

Cast Channel Tv

Web TV edited by Nicoletta Costantino for new talent in entertainment, culture, arts, studies and crafts.

Moving images

"To photograph, is not to stop a moment. But to give life to a movement of images in the image to search for or recreate what we do not see from the outside rationally...," photography blog by Antonino Scordo.

Ludovica Iué

Artist. She began her career as an emerging artist in 2009, with her first solo exhibition at Equator Books Gallery in Venice, Calif. His entire training has been specifically designed to arrive at a comprehensive practical/theoretical education in the main disciplines of the visual arts, and a well-rounded knowledge of traditional and digital techniques, techniques that, in his works, he often uses simultaneously.


Weekly magazine, currently edited by Simona Maggiorelli, born in 2006 from the editorial transformation of the weekly Advents. Its name, in addition to the clear and overt political reference, is explained as an acronym of the symbolic words of the French Revolution: Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité, with the addition of the T for Transformation.

The golden donkey editions

A small stylized, elegant and determined donkey, designed by Massimo Fagioli, is the business card of the publishing house founded in 2009 by Lorenzo Fagioli and Matteo Fago, young Roman entrepreneurs, driven by the need to propose the search for a new cultural perspective, capable of looking with new eyes at human relations, society, science, politics, and economics.

Magma Association Odv

Magma is a Voluntary Organization (VO) that focuses on prevention, treatment, training and research on the psychophysical health of human beings. The main purpose of the Association is the implementation of projects aimed at the development of the psychophysical well-being of the individual and the community. Magma was founded in January 2020.