The Sound and Image Association came into being as a result of a unique and original event in which the language of music was combined with the images proposed by numerous artists.

The concert for two pianos featured Maestro Lorenzo Porta del Lungo and pianist Lucia Adelaide Di Nicola.

The event was held in the prestigious and evocative setting of the Cloister of S. Ivo alla Sapienza in Rome on June 15, 2007, in the presence of a large and enthusiastic audience.

A loving relationship with the Elysee Theater has given rise to events of great cultural depth: from classical music concerts to painting and sculpture exhibitions, from cultural meetings to book presentations and plays.
In particular, in June 2008 there was a presentation of a very important book dealing with a topical pathological issue, “Anorexia” by Dr. Ludovica Costantino.
Inspired by the theme of this book, a play entitled “The Precious Ones” was performed in September 2009.

“The Precious Ones” is a choral work that, based on Dr. Costantino’s project, was born from the collaboration of a group of women: women writers, poets, historians, philosophers and psychiatrists united by an important research on human psychic reality.
Research into the cultural roots of anorexia, pathological dynamics and the irrational reality of women have always been the author’s subject of study and insight, but with “The Precious Ones,” her research becomes creative. And donned in the garb of artistic expression and accompanied by unreleased musical compositions by Lorenzo Porta del Lungo, it is proposed to the general public.
The theatrical event had a great deal of resonance, and from its success it was understood that our society’s great need for knowledge and beauty is too often denied and too often not accessible to all; art in its many forms is an essential part of human beings as sensibility and imagination. Thus, it was decided to start an association with the basic purpose of promoting and spreading art and culture as antidotes to mental illness.
The association was born in this way. To meet these needs and tell about valuable interhuman relations research.

Since 2009 many things have happened, the Association has produced many events both in Italy and abroad: classical music concerts that have been held at Rome’s Sala Umberto Theater since 2015, painting and photography exhibitions, scientific events and books.

The events in both science and art, which began a few years earlier, have been increasingly enriched with new and original ideas from 2009 onward thanks to the valuable cooperation of a large and passionate group of members.
Among the Association’s various initiatives, particularly important was the creation of a multidisciplinary scientific committee.

In 2016, a group of professionals united by training and passion for a common research on human birth, developed within the Collective Analysis Seminars and led by Prof. Massimo Fagioli, created under the scientific direction of Dr. Ludovica Costantino, a publishing series entitled “Daphnis and Chloes” published by Liguori publishing house.

The series addresses, with a highly original scientific medical approach, issues related to the world of adolescents and is aimed at all those who come into contact with that world. It also has the ambition to propose research on human psychic reality that, healthy, can reach the sublime expression of art and science.

The focus on young people has been followed up in affectivity education and addiction prevention interventions implemented in middle and high schools.
Conferences have been held in Italy and abroad, and there have been numerous book presentations at theaters, libraries and online.
All these activities, which we can call “Human Sciences,” to date constitute an important and very active part of the association, which we hope will become an opportunity for reflection and fulfillment for all those who wish to follow us.