Internet, l’amico pericoloso – Swiss School of Rome

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II. Vol. of the Daphnis and Chloe series
meetings with students, teachers and parents
Swiss School in Rome

In the splendid setting of the Swiss School in Rome, two meetings with young people to talk about topics that are important to them, their teachers and parents. A double appointment with the books of the Dafni and Cloe series “Drugs, abuse and addiction” and “Internet, the dangerous friend”


  • Ludovica Costantino psychiatrist and psychotherapist, curator of the Series Dafni e Cloe
  • Emanuela Atzori clinical psychologist, psychotherapist
  • Susanna Baldini childhood educator
  • Arielle Bowden-Smith student
  • Vittoria Cappellani student
  • Concetta Guarino lawyer
  • Emanuela Rampelli doctor in political science and graduate student in psychological sciences and techniques
  • Fina Rumore speech therapist
  • Antonino Scordo web expert, photographer
  • Pier Paolo Tinto mathematical