Internet the dangerous friend – Rome

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II. Vol. of the Daphnis and Chloé series
Nelson Mandela Library - Rome

The Internet is a great resource; it is an expression of borderless and uncensored freedom that increases the possibility of confrontation and knowledge.

Massimo Fagioli’s phrase, “there is no freedom without identity,” helped us understand what generates pathological phenomena such as cyberbullying, compulsive gaming or demeaning online pornography. The intent of this volume is to analyze these phenomena, to stop them, and to give children back the ability to use the Internet in a positive and constructive way.

Participating with curator Ludovica Costantino are.

  • Susanna Baldini, educator and author of the volume’s illustrations
  • Vittoria Cappellani, student
  • Fina Rumore, speech therapist
  • Pier Paolo Tinto, mathematician

Also present was Melita Cavallo, former president of the Juvenile Court of Rome.