Just because a woman

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Just because a woman
by Melita Cavallo

Just because she is a woman is the title of Melita Cavallo’s book, published by Mursia, which was presented in webinar mode, on Zoom platform, on Saturday, Nov. 21.

The conference by the Sound and Image Association is coordinated by Dr. Ludovica Costantino. In the book, the author, a former President of the Juvenile Court of Rome, addresses and recounts a highly topical issue, and issues a warning to all of society with the aim of shedding light on the cultural thinking that underlies the prejudices and discrimination, which are still present against the female gender and all that goes with it.

speakers will speak

  • Dr. Ludovica Costantino psychiatrist and psychotherapist
  • Dr. Angela Santoro psychologist and psychotherapist
  • Dr. Concetta Guarino professor of legal subjects
  • Dr. Fina Rumore biologist and speech therapist