Presentation of two volumes of the Daphnis and Chloé series – Salerno

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"Drugs, Misuse and Addiction" and "The Internet the Dangerous Friend."
City of Salerno - City Hall - Hall of the Banner

The Dafni and Cloe series returns to Salerno: in the Hall of the Gonfalone at the City Palace, the presentation of the first two volumes that together tell of dangerous addictions, borderline situations for teens and adolescents, and the possibility of a cure for those lost following drug use or the depths of the Internet.

Together with Ludovica Costantino, psychiatrist and psychotherapist director of the Daphnis and Chloé Series and editor of the volumes, the following will speak

  • Carmine Pagano, former director Level I – OST Division. AND GIN.
  • Vincenzo Pagano, undergraduate medical student
  • Emanuela Atzori, clinical psychologist, psychotherapist
  • Vittoria Cappellani, student
  • Antonino Scordo, web expert, photographer
  • Concetta Guarino, professor of law and economics, lawyer
  • Marinica Montanaro, teacher of literary subjects and Latin
  • Pier Paolo Tinto, mathematician