School Dropout – Rome

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III. Vol. of the Daphnis and Chloé series
Nelson Mandela Library - Rome

The third volume in the Daphnis and Chloé series. addresses the serious problem of school dropout, a black hole into which children fall who have lost their relationship with the healthy sociality that the educational institution is supposed to represent. The breakdown of the disappointing relationship with school is an indication of a strong malaise, the causes of which must be identified in order to heal and rebuild what has been lost.


  • Dr. Ludovica Costantino psychiatrist and psychotherapist
  • Dr. Federica Di Stefano developmental psychologist and psychotherapist
  • Dr. Concetta Guarino professor of legal subjects
  • Dr. Ombretta Orsini developmental therapist elementary school teacher
  • Dr. Emanuela Rampelli expert in social projects graduate student in psychological sciences and techniques

The authors and Dr. Melita Cavallo, former president of the Juvenile Court of Rome, will be present.