School dropout

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III. Vol. of the Daphnis and Chloé series
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In recent years, the number of boys and girls dropping out of school in Italy has increased.

Our idea is that behind dropping out of school there is a strong malaise that leads to an undoing that kids act out, breaking that relationship that has failed them. Researching the causes of this pathology in the relationship with the school is essential to be able to heal what went wrong and regain the lost path. After “Drugs. Use Abuse Addiction” and “Internet. The Dangerous Friend,” the third volume in the Dafni and Cloe series addresses the issue of school dropout.

  • Vincenzo Pagano, undergraduate medical student
  • Caterina Medici, medical resident in psychiatry
  • Dori Montanaro, health psychologist and psychotherapist
  • Marinica Montanaro, teacher
  • Ilaria Paluzzi, writer and teacher
  • Emanuela Atzori, clinical psychologist and psychotherapist

Coordinator Ludovica Costantino, psychiatrist psychotherapist