Art in lightness and lightness in Art

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Dance has always given movement to music, the movement of rhythm, The physical movement. But the inner movement, the psychic movement, the movement of affects, was given by the composers and composers through their art. Because it is art that makes possible the fusion of the movement of the mind with that of the body. The DuoKeira Piano D uo gives us an essay of this, with a carefully chosen program of dances.

The Souvenirs of
Samuel Barber
, a true masterpiece of the four-hand piano repertoire of this great 20th-century American composer, for the performance of which the distinguished Duo has won numerous awards. It is a cosmopolitan piece, written by an artist who has the richness of American and European cultures deeply united.

This is followed by works by composers from the previous century:

Edvard Grieg
for the dances of his people, the Norwegian people.

Antonin Dvořák, Czech composer, with the Slavonic Dances also written for orchestra.

Aleksandr Borodin
, a Russian from St. Petersburg, with the famous Polovesian Dances, written for the opera Prince Igor, a work later left unfinished, but transcribed by
Nikolai Sokolov
, a coeval composer.