Love in the song of the poet

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A very busy great artist was Robert Schumann. Since he was a boy he had studied the most modern poets and writers and took part in the great movement of Young Europe, against the restoration of the ancient monarchical regimes and their old cultures. As a student, in his room in Leipzig, he had always kept portraits of Ludwig van Beethoven and Jean Paul Richter, references of the younger generation.

At twenty-four he had founded a music magazine with a large following and now, at thirty, he had composed many works and was very well known. In that period he had also written a lot for the voice, creating a fusion between the word and a very refined texture of sounds, making the piano sing with many other discreet voices, like no one before him, but also exploiting all the possibilities of the instrument.

He loved an important woman, Clara, a pianist and composer, also loved all people, loved nature.

At that moment the great composer was a very accomplished man, in the happiest period of his life. He was a very good and very exposed man, strong and fragile at the same time.