Eliseo Classical for Antarctica

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The project Eliseo Classical for Antarctica was carried out by the Sound and Image Association between November 2012 and May 2013, at the Eliseo Theater of Rome, in collaboration with theENEA, the National Antarctic Museum and the National Geographic Italy, with the main objective of promoting the dissemination of culture, art and music through artistic-cultural initiatives aimed at teachers, students and families.

Concerts of the season Eliseo Classical 2012-2013 were twinned with the initiative Objective Antarctica, promoted by the PNRA (National Antarctic Research Program), aimed at popularizing Antarctic scientific culture through a photo exhibition by National Geographic Italy and a series of meetings with secondary schools in Rome, at the Teatro Eliseo.

For the first time ever, the Nov. 18, 2012, was made live in remote mode, of the concert for violin (Liliana Bernardi) and piano (Lorenzo Porta Del Lungo) from the Teatro Eliseo, with the permanent Italian-French Base. Concordia Station located in Antarctica, more than 16,000 km away from Italy, and inhabited from November to February, by about 50 participants (including researchers and technicians) from the PNRA.

For the audience at the Elysee Theater and the Internet, it was an opportunity to hear a masterful interpretation of classical authors and admire the images transmitted from the South Pole of the first sunrise after the long polar night. The video link with Antarctica was replayed on the occasion of the second solo piano concert on April 14, 2013, in the presence of the French Ambassador to Italy.